How to Look Beautiful in your Wedding Photos!

by | Sep 19, 2019 | Mother's Gowns, Real weddings

How can you look absolutely beautiful in your wedding photos?  It’s easy to look gorgeous when you select the most flattering gown for your figure.

And, finding the most flattering style is a breeze when you work with an experienced consultant that can direct you to dresses that maximize your favorite assets while minimizing your least.  Begin by asking friends and family for references of local Bridal Boutiques that have a large inventory of samples. A great consultant will know which gowns will enhance your particular shape. Brides often have an area of their body that makes them feel insecure, so communicate this honestly with your stylist at the start of your appointment. She’ll help you choose the perfect silhouette that  focuses on your best assets. The best consultant will truly listen to your needs and offer expert advice.

After choosing a gown that makes you feel and look amazing, find appropriate undergarments to ensure your figure is smooth and bulges disappear. Ask your consultant and seamstress for recommendations. Speaking of seamstresses, only work with a professional recommended or employed by the boutique. Wedding gown alterations are a must-have. Select an experienced seamstress who is familiar with the construction of the designer so she can make it look as if it was custom made especially for you.

Begin thinking about improving your posture and standing up straight to give the appearance of height; consider wearing comfortable shoes with a little heal. Avoid the stilettos or anything that makes you wobble! Finally, break the shoes in by wearing them around the house for many weeks before your big day!

Lastly, practice poses that will make you look natural and at ease in photographs.  We recommend relaxing your shoulders and slightly turning one hip on an angle away from the camera to look your best. Remember that your arms always appear leaner when the hand is on your hip. Show off your curves and best features in your wedding pictures with an extra white smile too. Follow these recommendations in preparation for your Wedding Day and your confidence will make you look gorgeous!

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