Caring for your Gown during the Quarantine

by | Apr 23, 2020 | Bridal

It breaks our hearts to know what a stressful time this is for so many brides. We’ve been busy responding to bride’s questions, processing orders and accepting deliveries while under quarantine.  In addition, we’re in the shop daily and always available via email to handle your concerns.

For those who have already picked up their gown, we’ve been frequently asked the best way to care for a wedding dress until the big day arrives. Now is NOT the time to try on your wedding gown (nor should you eat while wearing it)!  Instead, here’s a list of best practices to keep your dress perfect during this shelter in place:

  1. Your gown should remain in the breathable fabric dress bag we presented it to you in.  Do not place it in a plastic bag.  The delicate fabric of your gown needs air to retain its beauty and sheen.
  2. Resist the temptation to try the gown on or handle it. The oils on your hands can cause discoloration of your beloved dress. Therefore, we urge you to leave the dress alone.
  3. Find a safe location to store your gown. We recommend hanging it in a dark room. Please avoid direct sunlight which can cause your beading to oxidize or your fabric to change intensity or color.
  4. Lock your gown in a room free from your groom, pets, children, cooking and smoking. We do not want the fabric of your gown to absorb any undesirable odors. We also don’t want your groom to see your dress!
  5. If you must look at your dress, be certain to use extreme caution when zipping the bag open or closed. We recommend placing a hand behind to zipper as you glide the zipper to prevent the fabric from catching or snagging.

Rest assured that our entire collection of pristine gowns are under lock and key until we hopefully reopen early May! If you have any questions, reach out to us via email and we’ll reply promptly.

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