How Mom Can Help her Daughter Say Yes to her Dress

by | Feb 28, 2024 | Bridal

Are you a mother who is wondering how she can help her daughter find her wedding dress?

As a bridal boutique, we often encounter nervous moms worried about what to say or do during their daughter’s gown shopping appointment. With so many thoughts and concerns running through the mind of a mom, we’re here to help! 

Some of the most commonly asked questions from mothers include: What is the appropriate amount of involvement that a mom should have?  Can I tell my daughter which gown is my favorite? Does my daughter really want to hear my opinion? 

The search for your daughter’s wedding dress should be fun and memorable. This is a day your daughter has probably dreamed of.  Shopping for her gown can truly be a wonderful time for mother/daughter bonding. Based on our experience, we’d like to offer some words of wisdom to ease a mother’s mind while accompanying her daughter to her appointment.

Real Bride Rebecca and her mother – Photo by Ivan @ix7stills

Remember that your daughter invited you to be present in this moment because your presence matters to her. Deep down inside, every daughter wants her mother’s love and approval. Simply being there for her with an open, loving heart is most important.

Tell your daughter she is beautiful. She wants to hear those words come out of your mouth. She dreams of making you proud. The only thing you must remember to do during the appointment is smile and nod to express your pride.

When she asks you which dress is your favorite, resist the temptation to admit you actually have a preference. Even if you do not like her favorite, refrain from expressing your opinion. She is really hoping you will love her top dress as much as she does. Therefore, do not disappoint her by expressing any form of hesitation. She will be crushed if your opinion differs from hers.  She wants your support and approval. This is the moment when you repeat the words: “You look beautiful.”

Morgan and her mom ~ Photo by Red Barn Studio

When your daughter is ready to say yes to the dress and joy is beaming from her face, please do not deflate her moment by suggesting she “sleep on it.”  The actual excitement for her is in the very minute she knows this is her dress.  Suggesting she leave the shop empty handed to spend the evening thinking about a dress will only create hesitation and doubt. Questioning her at this decision-making time can often crush her self-esteem and create confusion. In our experience, no bride has ever appreciated this suggestion from her mother.

Finally, take pride in watching the little girl you adore turn into a woman capable of making her own decisions. Give your daughter every reason to be happy she invited you shopping. Share in her joy and excitement! Tell her congratulations!

Wishing all our brides and mothers the most wonderful shopping experience ever!

Real bride Alexandra and her mother – Photo by Red Barn Wedding Studio