How to stay in Love with your dress!

by | Apr 21, 2021 | Bridal

We love helping you find the wedding dress of your dreams!  You really will know it’s “the one” when you don’t want to take it off! You begin imagining which shoes you’ll wear, if you’ll add a veil, and more.

We want you to be madly in love your wedding dress! We want you to feel it’s the most beautiful gown in the world! We never want a bride to later question her gown choice.  It doesn’t happen often, but this regret is easily preventable! It begins by remembering you did say yes to the perfect dress and you need to stay in love!

Trust us when we tell you that it’s actually easy to stay in love with your dress by following our four simple rules:

  1. Stop Shopping! Do not tempt yourself by continuing to shop for other dresses. Selecting a wedding gown is like an engagement, it’s a commitment. There are an infinite number of gowns to choose from, but you’ve said “yes” so you must stop looking at new dresses. Similarly, after you put that ring on your finger you decided not to compare other men to your fiancé because he was “the one.” Love your dress and be committed by not shopping or looking around.
  2. Look at your photographs! Honor the vow you made to your dress at the very moment you said “yes.” Remember the heightened emotions you felt when you decided to say yes to your dress! Remember how everyone present cheered you on and declared their love for your dress. Your family and friends said you look beautiful and were thrilled you found your gown. Recapture that feeling of love in your photographs on a daily basis!
  3. Play the waiting game like a winner! We know how frustrating it is to wait months for your dress to arrive. Patience is a virtue few of us possess. But, we assure you that patiently waiting is what you must do to distract yourself. In our experience, this is the perfect time to begin working on the embellishments for your gown including shoes, accessories, makeup, and even fitness. Be devoted to making you look your very best in the dress and you will feel like the winner you truly are.
  4. No second guessing yourself! There is a genuine, joyful reason you selected your dress. You felt amazing, you looked beautiful, it was within your budget and your support team loved you in it. Part of the fun of the process is getting caught up in the emotions and exhilaration. Would you have been as excited to accept your fiancé’s proposal if you had to sleep on it? Don’t second guess yourself by re-examining your choice; instead, be faithful to your dress!

You need to do everything in your power to avoid questioning your dress. Envision the moment you saw it for the first time and how your heart fluttered with anticipation. Dream about that very first look in the mirror and the sense of excitement of those who witnessed that euphoric smile on your face. Remember that the actual dress you will wear will be so much better than the sample because it will be properly sized and brand new. Then, imagine the look of love on the face of your fiance when he finally has his first glance of you in your gown.

Stay in love with your dress! Don’t allow yourself to suffer from Buyer’s Remorse! Commit yourself to observing our 4 rules so you can live happily ever after!

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