How to Travel Internationally (to Poland) with your Wedding Gown!

by | Apr 30, 2019 | Bridal

We are so proud to share this fabulous video of our seamstress Deb’s daughter Jen and her new husband Paul’s intimate wedding in Poland! This wedding, the bride and her gown is a dream come true!  Imagine the planning that went into making this magical day a reality!

A major priority of the bride is obviously her gown; it must fit perfectly and be ready to walk down the aisle in immaculate condition. So, enjoy reading how the bride’s mother (our beloved seamstress Deb) ensured the gown was able to travel internationally and make it to Poland in perfect condition!

Destination weddings sound so exciting! So exotic! And, a little complicated! But, traveling abroad with a wedding gown can actually be easy if you know what to do.  For answers, we went to one of our expert seamstresses, Deb for advice.  Her daughter recently had her wedding half-way across the world, in Krakow, Poland! So, Deb naturally had plenty of first hand ideas for making the journey stress-free.

“My daughter Jennifer and her fiancé Paul dreamed of a European destination wedding.  And the couple actually live in Los Angeles, far from any family,” shares Deb.  “The groom, Paul was born in Poland and still has many relatives residing there.  Jennifer soon realized she’d have the opportunity to finally see Paul’s birthplace and meet his entire family if they married in Krakow. Thus, Poland became the country where the ceremony and reception would be held with the families’ blessings.”

In addition to having a destination wedding, Jennifer purchased her gown from Kathryn’s Bridal in McHenry, Illinois, hundreds of miles away from her home in L.A. “Having worked at Kathryn’s for 13 years and knowing their amazing consultants, I knew how Kathryn’s operates with integrity and that we could trust the entire team to make everything run smoothly for my daughter.  So, we scheduled an appointment during one of Jennifer’s trips home and quickly found a gorgeous Badgley Mischka gown that was perfect for her big day.

“When the gown arrived, I scheduled a flight to Los Angeles to begin the alteration process with my daughter. The dress was made of the finest fabrics that resisted wrinkling and had minimal crinoline which travels well. I was able to pack the gown in an ordinary carry-on bag and place it in the overhead compartment on the airplane.  In the home of my daughter in L.A., I pinned the gown for alterations, and all of the actual sewing took place in Illinois. It was very special to be able to do all of the alterations for my daughter’s dress. It felt natural to treat my daughter like I treat every bride I work with.  I was so proud to do this for her!”

Several weeks later, Jennifer returned to Illinois for her second fitting. The dress was nearly complete and looking beautiful.  “I finished the final changes and then fully steamed the gown so it was aisle ready for my daughter,” smiles Deb.

“I was personally entrusted with transporting the gown internationally for the wedding day. The day prior to flying to Poland, I carefully packed the dress.  I began with placing tissue over the rhinestones to minimize snags and pulls.  Then, I covered the dress in a plastic bag to avoid any risk of moisture. Finally, I placed the gown inside the carry-on, zipped it closed and added a big bow of netting to the handle to quickly identify the bag.

“The gown traveled like a pro!  It was amazing that after an eight hour flight, the dress was practically in perfect condition. Over the years, I have successfully prepared many other brides for destination weddings. Yet, it was still wonderful to see my daughter’s gorgeous gown travel across the globe too,” added Expert Seamstress, Deb.

In summary, Deb’s advice to brides who are traveling abroad with their gown.

  1. Carry your dress on-board in a carry-on suitcase since airplane closet space is very limited.
  2. Choose a fabric for your gown that travels well.  Ideal fabrics that resist wrinkling include crepe, lace, tulle, knits and organza.
  3. Cover any rhinestones with tissue to protect against snags.
  4. Ideally, select a gown with minimal crinoline for easier packing although I have helped a bride pack a full ball gown in a carry-on.
  5. Cover the dress in a quality plastic bag to prevent any moisture.
  6. Place a large bow on the handle of your suitcase for clear identification. And place names and address labels outside and inside the suitcase.
  7. Bring a small sewing kit for any last-minute alterations.
  8. Request a steamer be available upon arrival at the hotel for any last-minute touch-ups.
  9. Communicate well with your seamstress and ask her to help with packing suggestions.
  10. Contact the airline regarding size dimensions of bags that will fit in the overhead. Advise the boarding agent that you are traveling with your wedding dress if asked at the last minute to place baggage in cargo hold.
  11. Request priority boarding if possible.
  12. Hang the gown as soon as you arrive at your destination

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