How to Write a Thank You Note Quickly!

by | Apr 30, 2024 | Bridal, Invitations

Are you a busy bride planning your wedding? And, do you dread the thought of writing thank you notes? Well you are not alone!

Have you wondered if thank you notes are still necessary?  For decades, etiquette experts  (and many mothers) have been advising brides that thank you notes are important. But why are they still needed in this modern age of email and texting? The reason you should  send a handwritten thank you note is quite simple; it shows you have good manners.

Remember that many of your guests took time out of their hectic schedule to select a gift from your registry. Then, they have traveled to attend your special event.  For this reason,  it is essential to thank them in writing on  beautiful stationery. Don’t try to convince yourself that Thank You Notes are old-fashioned and a simple text or email will suffice. You are only fooling yourself!

Handwritten Thank You Notes convey to your gift-giver that you are gracious and appreciative.  Personalized thank you notes can also communicate your style and new home address.  The good news is that the card is meant to be short and sweet which is why it is small in size. Remember that a few simple sentences will satisfy the recipient! 

To begin the note, mention how happy you are that they were able to attend your wedding. Next, acknowledge your gratitude for their thoughtful and/or generous gift. Then, let them know how you plan to use the item or monetary present.  Finally, close with telling your gift giver that you look forward to seeing them soon. That’s all you need to write in your note to demonstrate your good manners!

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