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by | Jun 2, 2020 | Bridal

Postponing a wedding is a very difficult decision for many couples today. How do you let your guests know there’s been a change in the date? What steps should be taken to most efficiently communicate your new date and/or location?  The answer to all these questions can be easily found when you work with the stationery professionals at Kathryn’s Bridal

Change of Plan cards are the new “must have” in these ever changing times.  With the help of our etiquette experts, we can offer guidance to keep your guests updated. In some instances, your guest list must be reduced to accommodate new government limitations in the size of social gatherings. Imagine how difficult it is to “uninvite” certain guests! Fortunately, we can help you select cards and develop a message that is both personal and cost effective. Over the years, we’ve successfully assisted many couples with postponement strategies. Below you’ll find a few general guidelines to communicate Wedding Changes.

Change the Dates– We can help you custom design a card or magnet to inform your guests of the new date, time and location. In the most ideal circumstances, change the dates should be customized to complement your initial invitation.

  1. Enclosure Cards – These are also called reception cards or information cards. Ideally, these are petite cards to coordinate with your invitation. Enclosure cards can be printed quite quickly and for a minimal cost.
  2. Postcards – slightly bigger and more casual than enclosure cards, these are the most economical card to mail. Most postcards can be printed to match the look and feel of your original invitation.
  3. Email – Depending on your time-frame, sending an email to all the guests might be the best way to get information out quickly and efficiently. Use email with caution and follow with a paper card.
  4. Facebook – Again, this is only to be used under short time-frames. Just create an event and change the headline to Change the Date with all the necessary details. Inform your guests that an official change the date card with a reply card is to follow.
  5. Text – This method of communication is very easy, but difficult to reach every wedding guest. Texting should be reserved for last minute emergencies only.

Kathryn’s Bridal is your expert in all things wedding including stationery and wedding etiquette. Schedule your phone consultation or in-person appointment to see how we can help you navigate through these uncertain times too.

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