Saying YES to your Dress at your 1st Appointment!

by | Jun 16, 2020 | Bridal

Finally, it’s time to shop for your wedding gown! You’ve been sheltering in place for so long and are beyond excited to get out of the house and try on dresses! Keep in mind that due to COVID-19, the shopping experience may seem a bit different.  Many bridal boutiques are limiting the number of guests, limiting the number of gowns you can try on, requiring masks and modifying appointment formats in order to keep everyone safe.  Given all these changes, can you really say yes to your dress at your very first bridal appointment? We’re here to tell you why saying yes at your first appointment is the ideal!
If you find a dress you love, within your budget, at the very first shop you visit, can you actually purchase during your first appointment? Why should you purchase so quickly? Most brides expect the search for a gown to be long and exhausting! Television programs have convinced us that you need to try on dozens of dresses before you can say yes. Reality shows have become legendary for documenting brides full of drama and crazy emotions. Should your experience be this difficult?
Actually, if you love a dress and don’t want to take it off that’s a good indication that it’s probably the one. If the gown is priced within your budget, then definitely don’t delay. If your heart is saying “YES” and you feel like a beautiful bride in this gown, we suggest you take the plunge. If you are happy and the experience seems magical, why hold yourself back?  If your family and friends are telling you to sleep on it; no need to make a decision at your first appointment, ask yourself why? Why can’t your entourage just let you say yes? Do they understand that you’re in love with the perfect dress and are ready to celebrate? Tell your group you are done shopping and happy the process was uncomplicated and stress-free. Thank them for being a part of this special moment!

In our experience, most brides actually do say yes to their dress on their very first visit.  Even more surprising is they usually say “YES” to one of the first gowns they tried on! The process of finding your dress is truly fun and simple when you work with one of our highly experienced consultants.  We take pride in having the largest inventory of wedding dresses in the area.  Our stylists know our merchandise and are therefore able to zero in on the most exquisite gown for you very quickly. In addition, our in-house professional seamstresses can tweak your dress to perfection.  The moment you put on a dress and felt that rush of joy is magical! It actually is love at first sight!  Finding your dress is similar to falling in love.  It happens when you least expect it!  If you find your gown at your first appointment, embrace it! Brag to others that it was easy to say yes to your dress! Say “YES” and realize you are one of the lucky ones to have had a perfect first experience. In conclusion, saying yes at appointment number one can be a blessing. You can now move on to all the other wedding details and decisions. Believe in yourself, trust your gut and check that dress off your list! We hope the rest of your marriage planning will be as easy and fun as dress shopping!

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