The Magical Journey of Joe & Morgan

by | Mar 24, 2020 | Real weddings

In the midst of all the chaos, we really need to focus on what really matters in life: Love and Family!   The importance of love and family is exactly what inspired Kathryn to open her boutique 15 years ago! Now, Kathryn’s middle son, Joe is getting married. What’s really special is that Kathryn (the mother of three grown sons) is finally getting a daughter. Her new daughter-in-law is smart, beautiful, talented and her name is Morgan. Naturally, we’re all so excited to welcome this lovely new lady to the family and share the magical journey of this adorable couple, Morgan & Joe.

Morgan’s perspective:  I met Joe for the first time my senior year of college. I was in the midst of figuring out what my post-graduation plans would be, when one of my Track & Field teammates, Lexi, ran up to me at practice and told me about this guy she had gotten to know in one of her group projects. She thought we would be absolutely perfect together – but he was a sophomore (cradle robber, I know!) and had just gotten out of a relationship. Just to see how serious he was about this, I asked her not to tell him my name unless he asked about me after winter break. Well, he FINALLY asked about me again in late January and she gave him my name. He didn’t know that we’d had our team lifts at the same time and I’d been swooning over him for weeks…The day I got that DM on Facebook, I was so excited. We met up for an afternoon walk on a Saturday and we just kept finding new things to talk about. The walk turned into going to a basketball game, which turned into dinner at Chipotle. I went back to my apartment and gushed to my roommate that this tall, handsome, sweet, funny man might be my husband some day. Well, I guess things turned out alright 😉 Cannot wait to marry this incredible man!

Joe’s perspective:  I had class with one of Morgan’s friends, Lexi, in college at North Central in Naperville. During one of our projects together she was telling me about Morgan but would not give me her name or anything about her. For weeks she kept saying how much we were alike and how we would be great together. But since I was relatively fresh out of a prior relationship, Lexi wanted to make me wait to meet her a while. Fast forward about 2 months, and I am back in class with Lexi and I ask her about Morgan for the millionth time and she finally gives me her name and number (the anticipation was real for me). Shortly thereafter we met up on the Naperville Riverwalk and nervously fast-walked the entire 3 mile path twice — I quickly realized we were meant for each other (all I could think about was how beautiful, smart, and funny she was). Our first “date” was Valentine’s Day 2017…the rest is history.

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