The Quarantined Life of our Bride to Be, Morgan, Continued

by | Aug 22, 2020 | Bridal

Today, we are giving you an update on Morgan and Joe as they prepare for their September wedding!

“COVID-19 is here, and whether we like it or not, things are more different now than they ever have been. Joe and I have done quite a bit of research to see what others are doing on their wedding day right now to make sure their wedding party, family, and friends are all safe and healthy.

From this research, we have incorporated some changes during our (2nd go around) of wedding planning for our big day on September 12th. First, and probably most importantly, we have moved both the ceremony and reception outside- while not foolproof, this has been proven to decrease chances of contracting COVID. We will be asking our guests to grab a wristband on their way from the parking area to the ceremony- each color representing their personal level of comfort regarding social distancing.

We are planning to have the ceremony under a huge oak tree and setting the chairs ‘in the round’ so people are socially distanced.

We also will be providing sanitizing stations and masks around the property for people to utilize throughout the day. Lastly, because of the 6+ acres we will most likely distance the dinner tables under the tent as well as the stately oaks. Keeping our fingers crossed for a sunny day!” – Real Bride-to-be, Morgan

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