We LOVE a Surprise Engagement!

by | Apr 16, 2020 | Real weddings

Last month we introduced you to an adorable, soon to be wed couple, Joe and Morgan!  What makes this pair truly special is that Joe is Kathryn’s middle son and Morgan is his fiance. (Imagine Kathryn’s excitement over finally getting a daughter!) We’re thrilled to share more details of their magical journey to the alter. As our owner Kathryn always says, “During times of uncertainty, it’s important to focus on the what really matters: Love and Family!”

Every good love story begins with an engagement, so here is Joe and Morgan’s.

“Joe flew down to for a planned weekend visit to Rome, Georgia in early September, 2019 (where I had recently moved for my career).  I picked him up on Thursday and went to work all day on Friday, while Joe spent the day working remote from home…or so I thought. Around 3pm Joe started bugging me about when I was going to be coming home (literally every 20 minutes I’d get a text haha). I was having a crazy busy day at work, so I had to keep pushing back when I’d be able to make it back. Finally at 5:30pm, I texted him I was on my way.

“I parked in the driveway and started walking up to the front door. When I stepped foot on the porch I noticed the all the shades were shut, which was strange as it was a very bright Georgia day. Then I saw a note on door that said “Let your eyes adjust, then read the note inside” – THIS is the moment I knew something was up. Inside the door was a note and our very first picture together hanging from balloons (a representation of our first date).

“The entire house was pitch dark, there was soft country music playing, and a path of rose petals and tea light candles led me into the living room. I turned the corner and saw Joe looking cute as ever standing in the middle of a huge heart (made out of the candles and rose petals). He said a bunch of beautiful words, got down on one knee, and the rest is history!!I was shocked!! I had a feeling it was probably going to happen soon, but I had no idea it would happen then, in such a beautiful and intimate moment. I changed and we went out to dinner downtown, then spent the rest of the night calling our family and friends to tell them the news!” – the bride to be, Morgan

We invite all of our recent brides to tag and send us pictures of their very own engagement love story. We’d love to feature you too!

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