When to begin shopping for your Wedding Gown!

by | Dec 26, 2023 | Bridal

Are you a recently engaged Bride to Be?  Congratulations!  How wonderful!  You’re probably very excited to begin trying on wedding gowns as soon as possible!  So, the big question now is… when should you actually begin dress shopping?  

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Our first recommendation is to simply relax and enjoy being a bride-to-be.  Enjoy looking at that sparkly new ring on your finger. Then, take care of a few important details with your fiance before you head to a bridal shop to begin looking for a dress. 

In our experience, we find there are some easy ways brides can minimize confusion and make the entire dress shopping experience successful and fun!   Begin the planning process by selecting a venue and a wedding date first. The month and location of your wedding can dramatically influence the fabric choice and style options of your gown.  Is your venue formal or elegant? Will the weather be warm or cool?  What you ultimately decide to wear is largely influenced by when and where your special day takes place.

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Then, after your date and venue are confirmed, it’s time to determine your gown budget.  Have a specific idea how much you can really afford to spend on your dress. Confirm this price-point with everyone attending your appointment to make sure they respect your budget. 

Prior to scheduling your appointment, confirm that the boutique has a wide selection in your price range. Keep this dollar amount etched in stone and never try on dresses that exceed your budget. Don’t put yourself in a position to be disappointed because you fell in love with a gown you cannot afford. An experienced bridal boutique will be able to direct you to dresses that are beautiful, affordable and will accommodate your budget.

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Ideally, begin your gown search about a year in advance of your date.  Wedding dresses can take up to 8 months to arrive directly from the designer and production time varies greatly by manufacturer and season.  Unfortunately, wedding gowns are not readily available and in stock, waiting to be shipped. Instead, the reality is that dress production begins after sufficient orders have been requested. Each dress is made to fulfill a purchase order.  Therefore, your options are expanded if you order early! Planning to buy months in advance protects you from having your dream gown discontinued or subject to an inflation price increase.  For this reason, it’s never too early to say yes to ordering your dress!

Congratulations again on your engagement! Enjoy this special time. Most bridal salons are crowded after the New Year and appointments are at a premium. If you are not under a time crunch, then relax. Only after you have determined when and where your wedding will take place, should the excitement of dress shopping begin…

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